• Skrevet 13.05.2017
  • Klokken 19:38

For en dag! Har s mange bilder jeg skal vise dere, og s mye fortelle. I tillegg s kommer det en ganske stor endring ogs. Alt dette m bli i morgen, ettersom jeg bare er p hotellet en snartur n fr jeg skal p jobb som hostess i kveld. Gleder meg s mye til alt dette, s stay tuned! N skal jeg ut spise med mamma <3 

// What a day! I have so many photos to show you guys, and so much to tell! I'm doing a big change as well, but all of this will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm just at the hotel right now to update and get some stuff, before I have a hostess job tonight. So excited for everything that's coming, so stay tuned! Now I'm going out to eat with mom <3

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  • Skrevet 05.05.2017
  • Klokken 19:14

"And I'm probably gonna look you up when we're both in our thirties or forties

and it's probably gonna sting a little

and I'm gonna see that your life turned out just fine

and you've got a family and it's gonna make me

both happy

and sad

because a part of me is gonna wish it was me

making a life with you

but we both know that would've been a mess don't we"

"And one day you'll sit there with your family and tell your kids

about your youth

and for a second you'll think of me

and I'll do the same

and for an even longer second we'll feel all the things we once felt so strong

but then we'll go back to living our lives

how it was supposed to turn out

because we would've just been a mess,

wouldn't we?"

Marte Fredriksen

Photo: Thomas Van Cam

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